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Filters play a very important role in machine vision system. There are several categories according to their characteristics:

1. Bandpass Filters: the main specs are CWL (center wavelength), FWHM(full width at half maximum), narrow bandpass filter: <30nm, wide bandpass filter>60nm.

2. Cut-off filter: short pass filter & long pass filter.

3. Dichroic filter: pass a small range of colors of light, and reflect other colors.

4. Neutral Density Filters: absorb or reflect the part of light that is not transmitted.

5. Fluorescence Filters: mainly used in medical application for sorting or selection.

6.  Astronomy Filters: improve the image performance when taking astronomical pictures.

Our filters have high cost performance, high quality, and quick lead time features.

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Thread size Diameter Clear Aperture
M22.5x0.5 24 18.5
C-mount 25.4 19.5
M25.5x0.5 27.5 21
M27x0.5 29 23
M30.5x0.5 32.5 26.5
M34x0.5 36 30
M35.5x0.5 37 31.5
M37x0.75 39 33
M37.5x0.5 39.5 33.5
M40x0.5 42 36
M43x0.75 45 39.5
M46x0.75 48 41.5
M49x0.75 51 44.5
M52x0.75 54 47.5
M55x0.75 57 50.5
M58x0.75 60 53.5
M62x0.75 65 57.5
M67x0.75 70 63.2
M72x0.75 75 67.7
M77x0.75 80 73
M82x0.75 85 78.8
M86x0.75 90 80


Bandpass Filters series
LS-BP465 Blue Bandpass, UV block, 465nm
LS-BP470 Blue Bandpass, UV block, 470nm
LS-BP500 Green Blue Bandpass 500nm
LS-BP525 Light Green Bandpass 525nm
LS-BP530 Green Bandpass 530nm
LS-BP535 Green Bandpass 535nm
LS-BP590 Orange Bandpass 590nm
LS-BP635 Light Red Bandpass 635nm
LS-BP660 Dark Red Bandpass 660nm
LS-BP695 IR Bandpass 695nm
LS-BP735 IR Bandpass 735nm
LS-BP800 IR Bandpass 800nm
LS-BP850 IR Bandpass 850nm
LS-BP880 IR Bandpass 880nm
LS-BP950 IR Bandpass 950nm
LS-BP1000 IR Bandpass 1000nm
regular filters in stock

longpass Filters series
LS-LP470 Light Yellow Longpass 470nm
LS-LP500 Yellow Longpass 500nm
LS-LP515 Orange Longpass 515nm
LS-LP530 Orange Longpass 530nm
LS-LP550 Orange Longpass 550nm
LS-LP580 Red Orange Longpass 580nm
LS-LP590 Red Longpass 590nm
LS-LP630 Red Longpass 630nm
LS-LP660 Dark Red Longpass 660nm
LS-LP695 IR Longpass 695nm
LS-LP715 IR Longpass 715nm
LS-LP780 IR Longpass 780nm
LS-LP830 IR Longpass 830nm
LS-LP850 IR Longpass 850nm
LS-LP920 IR Longpass 920nm
LS-LP1000 IR Longpass 1000nm
regular filters in stock

Notch Filters
LS-NT575 block 550-600nm, pass @405-536nm 620-800nm

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