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SWIR lens (short wavelength infrared lens) has the characteristics of high transmittance, sensitive to thermal radiation, strong penetration and discrimination, and is widely used in industrial, medical, military, security and other fields.

model No. Focal wavelength range Format Aperture Resolution M.O.D. iris mount
LS-SW5014S-5MP 50mm 800-1700nm 2/3" F1.4 5MP 0.4m manual C
LS-SW1125-5MP 25mm 800-1700nm 1.1" F1.4 5MP 0.1m manual C
LS-SW1408-5MP 8mm 800-1700nm 1/1.2" F1.4 5MP 0.1m manual C
LS-SW1135-5MP 35mm 800-1700nm 1.1" F1.4 5MP 0.1m manual C/M42
LS-SWIRL50-8K 50mm 400-1100nm φ28 F2.8 8K 0.18mm manual M42
LS-SW2513-5MP 25mm 800-1700nm 1.1" F1.3 5MP 0.1m manual C
LS-SW1214-5MP 12mm 800-1700nm 1" F1.4 5MP 0.2m fixed C
LS-SW4014-4K 40mm 800-1700nm φ28 F1.4 4K7u 0.1m manual M42x1
LS-SW1614B-5MP 16mm 800-1700nm 1" F1.4 5MP 0.15m fixed C
LS-SW2510F1-5MP 25mm 800-1700nm 1.1" F1.0 5MP 0.1m manual C
LS-SW3510F1-5MP 35mm 800-1700nm 1.1" F1.0 5MP 0.1m manual C
LS-SW0814S-3MP 8mm 900-1700nm 2/3" F/1.4 3MP 0.1 manual C
LS-SW1216-5MP 12mm 800-1700nm 1" F/1.6 5MP 0.5 manual C
LS-SW1614-5MP 16mm 900-1700nm 1" F/1.4 5MP 0.3 manual C
LS-SW2514-5MP 25mm 900-1700nm 1" F/1.4 5MP 0.3 manual C
LS-SW3514-5MP 35mm 900-1700nm 1" F/1.4 5MP 0.3 manual C
LS-SW5014-5MP 50mm 900-1700nm 1" F/1.4 5MP 0.5 manual C
LS-SW4016L-6K 40mm 1000-1300nm φ28mm F/1.6 120lp/mm 0.25 manual M42
LS-SW5014L-6K 50mm 900-1700nm φ28mm F/1.4 6K 0.4 manual M42
LS-T1622LS-20MP 16 400-1200nm 1.1 F/2.2 20MP 0.1 manual C
LS-T2520LS-20MP 25 400-1200nm 1.1 F/2.0 20MP 0.1 manual C
LS-T3520LS-20MP 35 400-1200nm 1.1 F/2.0 20MP 0.15 manual C
LS-T5020LS-20MP 50 400-1200nm 1.1 F/2.0 20MP 0.2 manual C

Item No. Focal Aperture Format FOV M.O.D. Outer diameter Outer length weight Mount
LS-SWIR100 100mm F3.0 640*512,15um 7.3°x5.5° 0.4m φ69.5mm 141.62mm 0.49Kg C
LS-SWIR200 200mm F3.0 φ12.4mm 3.5° 10m φ89mm 163mm 1.2Kg C
LS-SWIR360 360mm F2.6 φ20.5mm 3.39° 3.5m φ130mm 380mm 2Kg E

For other focal length, like 160mm, 400mm, feel free to contact us!


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