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Beamsplitter is a special optical processing substrate, high precision optical dielectric coating, to ensure no shadow, high surface quality, imaging no black spots, no stray light and other problems, used in optical instruments, biochemical and medical instruments and other photoelectric sensing equipments. It is actually a beamsplitter prism with a special coating on the surface, so that the incident light can reflect half transmission half, so that a beam of light is divided into a reflected beam, and a transmitted beam, forming two beams of light, the part will reflect part of incident light energy, absorb a relatively small amount, and transmit the rest the energy.

Advantages of beamsplitter:
● Accurate spectral ratio, the use of wavelength range with good spectral characteristics
● Very good uniformity
● Metal beam splitting is not sensitive to angle change, and the range of beam splitting is wide; Dielectric film spectral ratio is accurate, no absorption
● The dielectric film adopts plasma plating and ion sputtering, the film layer is firm and dense
● Good temperature and humidity stability.

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