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After years of accumulation, we can provide rich coating services for a variety of different applications, such as industrial, medical, laser, military, civil, etc.
HR coating
AR coating
PR coating
PBS coating
NPBS coating
IBS coating
IAD coating

Main Specs:
Size: dia 1.0, ...dia 10…dia80...dia200..., OEM
Products Window, Prim, Spherical Lens, Cylindrical Lens, Aspherical lens,  OEM
S/D: 10-5, 20-10,40-20,60-40, 80-50 etc
Flatness: L/10, L/5, L/2, etc
Tolerance: ±0.01mm etc
Material: JGS1, C7980, C7979, H-K9L, N-BK7, OEM
HR coating: Single wavelength 248/355/365/440/473/532/633/785/808/9.5/915/1064/1570/2940, R≥99.8%
double wavelength 355&1064 or 450&1064nm, R≥99.8%,    R>95%@650,R>99.9%@1064/1070nm, OEM
broad band R>98%@400-700nm,R>98%@350-400nm, R>99.5%@ 1520-1570nm
AR coating: V-Type R<0.2%@248/355/365/440/473/532/633/785/808/9.5/915/1064/1570/2940  
W-Type R<0.5%@532,1064nm  R<0.5%@488,976,   R<0.5%@775,1550nm …
broad band Ravg<0.5%@400-700nm, R<0.25%@1520-1570nm 
HRHT coating: R>99.9@1064, T>98%@532nm, R>99.8%@1064nm T>98%@808nm …
Beam splitter: R:T=50:50%@355/532/1064…..
Polarizer: Cube Tp>97%,Ts<0.1%@355/532/1064...
Plate Tp>97%,Ts<0.5%@532/1064...


optical components

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phone:+86 18060126106


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