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Prism and Application
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  • Prism, a transparent object enclosed by two intersecting but not parallel planes, used to divide or disperse light beams. Prism is a polyhedron made of transparent materials (such as glass, crystal, etc.). It is widely used in optical instruments. 

    Prisms can be divided into several kinds according to their nature and use, such as right Angle prisms, equilateral prisms, Dowell prisms (DOVE prisms), Pentagon prisms, roof prisms, dispersion prisms, splitting prisms, etc.

    For example, in the spectral instrument to decompose the composite light into a spectral dispersion prism, equilateral prism is more commonly used; In periscope, binoculars and other instruments to change the direction of the light, so as to adjust its imaging position called "total reflection prism", generally they use right Angle prism.


    Substrate material: various glass material and crystal material, JGS1, JGS3, CaF2, MaF2, BaF2, ZnSe, Ge, Si,etc.

    Rhombic prism                                      Triangular prism

    Right Angle prism                                      Wedge prism

    In our life, prisms are widely used in digital equipment, science and technology, medical instruments and other fields.

    Commonly used digital equipment: camera, closed circuit TV, projector, digital camera, digital camcorder, CCD lens and all kinds of optical equipment;

    Science and technology: telescope, microscope, level, fingerprint, gun sight, solar converter and all kinds of measuring instruments;

    Medical equipment: cystoscope, gastroscope and all kinds of laser treatment equipment.

    Fingerprint scanner                                       Palmprint scanner

    Dental Loupes                                                     LiDAR Light Detection And Ranging

    L-bar prism monitoring                                                       Total station prism assembly

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